The word is spreading

It has been an extremely busy and exciting week, although every week is busy and exciting in Halcyon land!

We have launched our website and have been receiving great feedback. As Founders, we have privately lived with this project for so long and so it’s wonderful to be able to share it publicly now and watch other people get as inspired and excited by it as we are.

If you haven’t watched our video yet, take a look and share it with others. It gives a good overview of who we are, and why Halcyon is so important.

Every day the project comes to life a little bit more. Our Founding Director has moved into a temporary office in our school building and is working on everything from policies to timetabling in preparation for our opening in September 2013.

Our plans for next week are to continue full-steam ahead with all stages of  the school’s development – we are working with our architects on approving the renovation works, which will soon be underway, and we continue our fundraising campaign, aiming for our £1.5m target.

Not-for-profit, charitable status is a key part of Halcyon’s ethos and as such we must be financially prudent. We are delighted therefore, to be receiving offers of pro bono professional assistance, giving us access to an expert network of worldwide advice and support. We are really building a Halcyon community of like-minded people who share our vision. If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer their services to the Halcyon project, please recommend they get in touch.

We have also been receiving a lot of interest for student places.  We’re not surprised, as we know of the demand in central London and we know there is a hunger for a new not-for-profit IB school; but nevertheless, we are humbled and honoured to be receiving such widespread interest. We are currently finalising our admissions process and will let everyone know when we are ready to take applications and deposits.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Halcyon Founders