How to Apply to Halcyon London International School

Halcyon seeks students who:

  • possess the appropriate level of academic readiness (average to above-average)
  • are collaborative and internationally-minded
  • are self-disciplined and able to engage meaningfully in independent inquiry
  • have an appreciation of the value of learning additional languages
  • will thrive in an International Baccalaureate environment known for its academic rigour and diverse assessment methods.

Before you apply we encourage you to become familiar with:

Halcyon fees and conditions

Halcyon Vision and Mission Statements and Core Aims
Halcyon Admissions Policy
International Baccalaureate Programmes
Other Halcyon policies

There are six key entry points to Halcyon - Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10 and Grade 11.

Completed and current applications will be reviewed in the year prior to admission. Applications received prior to that date are considered expressions of interest only. 

Stage 1

The first stage in completing your application to Halcyon.

Step 1. Complete the Stage I Application Form: general information about the student and parent to answer online questions. Halcyon acknowledges receipt of application by sending an email with instructions for payment of the non-refundable Application Fee (£200 per student) and instructions for completing Stage 2. 

(NOTE: Once you have started the online admissions application it must be completed as it cannot be saved nor accessed at a later time. Please review the application carefully, gather all the required information and draft your statements prior to beginning the application.  We recommend that you draft the statements in Word and then copy and paste when you have finalised the text you wish to enter.)

Step 2. Pay the non-refundable Application Fee of £200 per student.

Stage 2

Step 3. Student to answer online questions.

Step 4. Parent to request references from current/previous school/s using the Halcyon Teacher References online form.

Step 5. Upload all required supporting information, eg: School reports/teacher comments for previous two academic years, Standardised Test/Exam Results/Reports, School Transcripts, IEPs (Individualised Education Plans) (if applicable), Educational Psychologist Reports (if applicable), Medical Needs Reports (if applicable), Other additional reports/documents as required by Halcyon (if applicable).

Step 6. Halcyon reviews application upon successful completion of Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus receipt of documents requested in Step 5. Notification of the decision regarding your child’s application will be sent as soon as possible.

Stage 3

Upon receipt of a written Offer of Admission you must within seven business days:

Step 7. Return signed Acceptance Form.

Step 8. Arrange for payment of the Deposit £1,500. Written Offer will include instructions on payment procedure.

Step 9. Pay Tuition by the Tuition Due Date (as specified in written Offer).