Paula Rosado, IB Spanish Teacher (Part-Time)

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I am originally from Seville, Spain. I lived where most consider a holiday destination until I was 18. Then the UK, I had a gap year that ended up lasting nine years, which included achieving a BA, my PGCE and a new found passion for a job, teaching.

It all started at the Hamlet Centre in Norwich, one of my favourite places I have volunteered with children and young adults with disabilities. Then tried a few schools and the Uni Counsellor recommended me to teach secondary Modern Foreign Languages. I listened, and after finishing all the required education, I took my first teaching job. Shorty after that, I grabbed my backpack and reluctantly left the UK for six months, which turned into five years.

Thanks to those eye opening six months and lucky events in life, I landed a job in a international school in Singapore, then another, and five years later I returned to the UK glad to have found an international institution in London.

That six months experience, the many other travel opportunities I have taken since, and the environment I have been lucky to be in, have made me very cultural curious and value what I have.

I am considered a millennial and proudly take the positives of this. I am pro-technology in the educational setting. I do things that are enjoyable to me and in my lessons I prioritise full engagement of the students.

I want to make a better world and I support institutions that, in a small ways, change lives for the better and I encourage ‘Generation Z’ to join me whenever possible!

HalcyonPaula Rosado, IB Spanish Teacher (Part-Time)