Jesi Rosati, Learning Coach

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I am thrilled to be joining the Halcyon community! I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States where my family has owned and operated ice cream stores since the 1970s. My family still lives in Cleveland and I love where I grew up because it’s a relatively small tight-knit community – similar to Halcyon – where people really care for one another.
After completing my studies at Loyola University Chicago, I started my teaching career leading a class of immigrant students in Houston, Texas. When I was growing up, I used to pretend I was a teacher and I would force my younger sister to sit through my lessons – she loved it, of course. Since I’ve had the opportunity to become a real teacher, I’ve never stopped.
I’ve worked in schools all across the United States in both special education teaching and leadership roles. When I left Houston, I taught and led the fifth grade team in Chicago for four years, and most recently, I worked in a school for children with language-based learning disabilities in New York City. Over the past decade, I have developed a passion for working with teachers on effectively differentiating classroom material and integrating technology into daily lessons across various content areas.
Fun facts about me: I love ice cream (obviously) and Harry Potter (so I’ve very excited to live in the UK), and I was recently won PETA’s Ethical Teacher of the Year for consistently teaching my students how to have empathy towards animals. This is my first time living outside of the United States, so please feel free to share with me your favorite spots around London!
Loyola University Chicago, Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice
Grand Canyon University, Masters of Arts in Education
HalcyonJesi Rosati, Learning Coach