G9 Macbeth monologues

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G9 are studying Macbeth. They have just finished writing their own monologues based on characters from the play. Here are some of their wonderful pieces of work.

Layla – Citizen Monologue
What is this I hear?
Why is someone speaking of such a horrendous deed?
Why do you cry out ‘murder?’
Macbeth just found our king murdered savagely.
Duncan. Dead.
Whom wouldst beest the king next?
Whom has a heart of gold?
Whom is pure enough to claim such power?
I say Macbeth.
The noble and loyal and sane Macbeth.
Thane of Cawdor, soon to be king.
How quaint.
And what of Lady Macbeth?
How would she fair? Would she stay loyal to Macbeth?
Of course! She will be crowned queen.
Who wouldn’t want to be queen?
They shall rule the kingdom with a generous hand.
What shall be with our lifeless king?
He lays there, as cold as white.
Whom would do this to such a fair king?
Would such an evil possess this enlightened village?
What shall I do to vanquish this evil?
Should I send my men to exterminate thy evil?
No, I will do the task myself.
Anyways, that’s beyond my worries at the moment,
He’d be ecstatic to learn of the new King…MacBeth.

Boet – Banquo Monologue
Pain, not like one has’t felt before,
Because none liveth to speak about it
Once death’s knife cuts the final line
All though is still yet won’t stop stinging
The strain that my eyelids beheld to stay open
As my masked murderers move to strike down mine own son
How dare they move upon him, he is but a mere child
A father always knoweth when he fails
When he has left his own to the mercy of none,
And in the way of all
My anger boils the blood in my bodeth
As my limp limbs seem to be a burden, to keep me from tearing them down
I scream and I struggle, all in my head
And yet I am stuck in place, in my grave
The closer the murderers get to my child
The more I feel vulnerable, the more I want to climb
With my limbs stuck staked to the ground,
Foul play to the ones that snuck on me and my son
And I do what a failed fath’r must
I open my blood stricken mouth
And tell my son to run

Jonah – Macbeth Monologue
As i hath walked up these old stairs i thought
Of the predicament which i hath brought
Upon myself at this fateful hour
The weary dagger in mine own hand…
A flote of emotions enter mine own mind
Am I going mad?
Each step seemeth heavy and agonising,
The perpetual perplexity of this planeth
Appears unnatural as a babe without its mother
And yet present am i about to perpetrate such an act
Still sceptical of what should so become of me
Substantially close, i am, to the chamber, yet still so suspicious
I stand ho.
With the will of all worlds between mine own hands
I open the door and and seeth the old man
His eyes are closed as i approach that gent
With sheer audacity which was never meant
For this time, nor this place,
For these intentions, for this face
And yet h’re i standeth in front of his highness…
I punge the poniard into his pelvis
And again and again and again and again
I puncture his person with no further perception
Making nay such exception
Upon where or how,
So longeth as it doth not look as if he had drowned

Lena – Banquo Monologue
Finally the hurlyburly is ov’r and we can return back home
Why is there so much fog and who are these weird looking creatures which crawleth out of it ?
Wherefore are those gents walking right towards us?
Are these men or women?
I can‘t tell, their robes are hanging in shreds from their shoulders.
Those gents don‘t seem from this w’rld.
It is strange how they move their lips but I can‘t understand what those gents are declaring.
The words don‘t make any sense.
Macbeth should becometh thane of Glamis,
thane of Cawdor and
King of Scotland.
No, I sayeth!
Wherefore should he be rewarded?
I has’t did sacrifice mine own life for this hurlyburly, for the King.
It is wrong to hark to these beings.
Those gents are wrong, they must be!
But the behold in Macbeth’s eyes.
There is a fire yond lights up.
How can I extinguish it?
He is asking for more and more information I have to stop this!
These creatures must disappear as fast as they have appeared.
Their prophecies are repeating in mine own head.
Is there a reason wherefore I can‘t hold back my jealousy?
I can‘t influence his destiny
but I shall not help him to find it.
I want to see him fail.

Freddy – Malcolm Monologue
Mine own fath’r, a most wondrous and lov’d leadeth’r
hath been killed in an act of treason, in an act of cowardice,
killing a man in his sleep,
not even looking upon the face of the man thou hath kill’d.
Who is’t wouldst do this, his Chamberlains?
someone looking for the throne, me?!
Wouldst those gents bethink i wouldst killeth…
mine own belov’d fath’r to becometh king?
I knoweth I didst not commit this disgusting act.
I must flee this foul place,
Where ever shall I go?
Ireland?, Wales?, England?.
I shouldst calleth f’r help but who is’t, Macbeth?
Macbeth the most noble of my fath’rs men,
Would he help me, the one person between him and the throne.
Wait! Could it be that another man of my flesh had betrayed me fath’r.
Macbeth the great, Macbeth the brave, Macbeth the murderer?
My dear brother, Donalbain or myself will be blamed.
We both must flee, we cannot be caught.
The things they would do to us if they wouldst ever catch us.
Off to Ireland with my brother, off to England for myself.
Goodbye cruel, cruel world.

Erin – Guard Monologue
Where am I, what has happened, pray tell me?
A strange sensation, I feel damp, from what?
Has wine or spirit soaked me in the night?
Nay, this is something else, so sinister,
Why… blood it looks like yet I feel no pain,
The crimson oozes from no wound I see,
I struggle to my feet with shaking limbs,
T’wards Duncan’s place of rest, trembling I go,
But what awaits me there I fear to tell,
His slaughtered corpse so cold, so still, so dead,
His eyes as lifeless as a broken soul,
This dagger in my hand a smoking gun,
But I did not commit this heinous crime,
Yet all will say the murderer’s name is mine.

Juul – Guard Monologue
Doubt is taking over my heavy weighted heart.
I have killed before, the smell of death adorns
my body, my hands dripping with blood,
but I can not do this to the rightful king,
his heart warm unlike mine. I can not let
him fall victim to the poison of my
sickening desire. I must not.
But what if I choose the darkness instead?
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown,
but on chaos I thrive. My ambition is an
unreliable guide, but then, it might give
me what I’ve longed for. I want to give into the
fury in my head. A fire in my veins to
lead the way through my darkest longing.
Will I find glory in the shadows? Oh cruel fate,
has the universe conspired for me to do this?
Destiny is destruction. Who am I to control my future?
I must not let this storm disrupt my path.
No good king earns his throne by the shedding
of his family’s blood.

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