New AirLite paint in school cleans the air!

In line with our commitment to sustainability and overall wellbeing, we’d like to inform you of our new paint job around the school called Airlite. Airlite does a number of amazingly magical things to improve the air quality of our school:

  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the air by naturally disinfecting the space around it.
  • Eliminates 88.8% of air pollution like nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide.
  • Cuts cooling costs by up to 50% when applied to the outside of roofs and walls – which we hope to do this year and save on our energy costs and consumption.
  • Airlite combines with water molecules to make a thin film that protects from dust and dirt.
  • It is also antimicrobial so eliminates and prevents mould permanently.
  • Breaks down odour molecules and neutralises them without smelly air fresheners, just pure, clean air!

Just one of the new innovations to come into the school this summer!

HalcyonNew AirLite paint in school cleans the air!