Paddle and Pick with Active360

Members of Halcyon’s Eco-Committee and students going on the Croatia trip participated in the Paddle and Pick event with Active360. Paddle and pick events work to pick up rubbish out of the waterways and canals and recycle or dispose of them appropriately to reduce water pollution.

Plastic is particularly damaging to marine life as it breaks down into microplastics which are then consumed by fish. This clogs their internal systems and they can suffer and starve as a result.

Our students managed to pick up a whopping 580 pieces of rubbish between them. This included 6-pack beer rings, cigarette butts, plastic bottles, polystyrene cups, food and drink labels, plastic lids, straws, sponges and lollipop sticks.

London acts as a huge channel to the open ocean, which can become contaminated when humans dispose of plastic defined as ‘single-use’ i.e. bottles, containers and plastic bags. Most of the plastic in London’s waterways comes from overflowing bins. So please help keep our water clean by reporting overflowing bins to the council. Don’t deposit your rubbish into one; take it home with you.

HalcyonPaddle and Pick with Active360