Kelly Mildenhall, IBMYP English & Drama Teacher

I grew up in country Victoria and NSW in Australia, where my two younger sisters and I used to spend our weekends going to the cemetery, throwing sticks into a river, making up plays in the backyard and not watching the AFL football game that my dad was coaching. We relocated to Adelaide when I was a teenager, and my passion for the Arts ramped up: I enjoyed studying Drama at school, learning flute and going to the cinema most weekends.

I’ve taught in South Australia and London previously, and I believe education is something everyone should have access to; it’s not something that should be taken for granted. Education equates to the freedom to design your future, and I’m passionate about learning. I have previously undertaken post-graduate study in writing, reviewed live theatre and directed productions for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

I was travelling solo for the first half of 2016, and enjoyed visiting places like Iceland (where I met a snowman named Staralfur); New York (where I saw my first blizzard); Barcelona (where I had a lot of smashed avo with no regrets), and Brighton (which has the two best piers). I met a lot of different people along the way, but the overarching insight I gained is that there is a lot of good in the world.

I’m inspired by a quality font; films with great direction (like anything by Wes Anderson); my dog Pearl (who lives in Australia); travel; street-art; London; walking; innovation and people that are brave. I’m looking forward to being in a progressive and innovative school where people are given the freedom to explore their passions, in the playground that is London.

Bachelor of Education, Drama and English at Flinders University, Adelaide
Diploma of Professional Writing at Adelaide College of the Arts, Adelaide

HalcyonKelly Mildenhall, IBMYP English & Drama Teacher