Geraldine Healy, IBDP Geography & IBMYP Individuals and Societies Teacher

I grew up in a small village in the southwest of Ireland with one shop (and still no cash machine!). I have now spent the closer part of a decade working overseas. I started my education studying a Bachelor of Arts in University Cork College where I spent my first year exploring geography, politics, sociology and history before branching off to complete joint honour in Geography and History.

After completing my degree, I travelled to Lancaster in the North of England to complete my PGCE in Geography. It was there I fell in love with the Lake District, returning whenever I can find a few days to hike and make the most of the lakes. My first post as a teacher was in Essex where I spent two years, before getting itchy feet to explore the world.

I randomly found myself taking a position in Dubai in an international school. What initially started out as a year or two turned into four! Here, I found my passion which was teaching pupils of all diversity in an accepting and respectful manner. When embarking in IB Geography, I loved how pupils shared their own experiences and backgrounds to develop and make their learning so relative.

While living in the middle east, I used my free time to travel and experience the many different cultures of different societies. Oddly enough and much to my peer’s distress, I always seem to find myself on the top of a mountain on my travels! Given I have such a taste to travel and explore, I try not to return to the same place on my time off, but if I had to it would be Ireland, Israel or Iran, I am feeling a pattern with the I’s!

I am extremely excited to get an opportunity to continuity my international experience in my favourite city, an opportunity I thought I would never have! I am looking forward to joining such innovative and collaborative team of staff and students!

Joint Bachelor of Arts Geography and History at University College Cork.
PGCE in Geography at University College of Cumbria.

HalcyonGeraldine Healy, IBDP Geography & IBMYP Individuals and Societies Teacher