G9 Art Exhibition

G9 have been working on an IDU unit with languages and art exploring conflict from Spanish and Chinese cultures.

Explore the exhibition with Issac!

They studied Spanish artists, Picasso, Goya and Dali and Chinese artists, Wang Du and Li Zijian. They were able to make references to these paintings using old books to express our own interpretations of conflict. See Nick’s (G9) work for his IDU Conflict class. 

The students have made connections to either Spanish or Mandarin by integrating videos as part of the work. They were also inspired by the concept of altered books from an exhibition they saw at the Serpentine by John Latham who used books in his installation.

Books are part of history and by using discarded encyclopaedias, we were able to experiment with collage, words, images and videos to create a new way of expressing an event.

HalcyonG9 Art Exhibition