Asha Dzwonkowska, Illustrator, Asha Design

My name is Asha and I’m a self-taught illustrator/graphic designer/crafter based in Auckland, New Zealand. I live next door to the bush so my work is heavily inspired by nature, birds, wild animals and plants and I love to play with a mix of ‘real-life’ and some more fantasy styles.¬†After my 7 year long career in kindergarten teaching, I was inspired to make a change and study graphic design to follow my artistic passions.

I’m currently writing and illustrating my very first children’s book focusing on the importance of nature and greenness in our lives; how it heals us and brings us together. I would like it to be an inspiration for children to look after nature and to enjoy gardening.

My favourite technique is watercolour, although I also use pencils, pens, ink and my drawing tablet. What I really like about watercolour paint is its playfulness on paper, and how it spreads and moves around, creating a variety of edges. It’s soft, light and delicate. This is why I chose this technique for the Halcyon project.

I was excited when I was first told about the concept of an illustrated, animated map of the ‘Halcyon world’ for their new website. I thought that the map would look really nice if had a mix of watercolour and digital elements in it, which could later be animated. I found my style and background fit well with Halcyon’s values and I had lots of fun during the project!

If you would like to see more of my designs, please see my website, Asha Design, or follow me on Facebook.

HalcyonAsha Dzwonkowska, Illustrator, Asha Design