2. Admissions Criteria and Process

Halcyon seeks students who evidence the academic skills and competencies to thrive in an International Baccalaureate environment recognised for its academic rigour and diverse assessment methods. Prospective students will need to demonstrate

  1. strong academic performance, as determined by school reports/transcripts/references and, if necessary, an indicative assessment at
  2. good intrapersonal skills, self-discipline and a curious, independent sense of
  3. good interpersonal skills – the ability to collaborate effectively with peers and adults and to build positive social connections
  4. positive engagement with extra- or co-curricular activities
  5. personal engagement with activities which support the community.

Applicants and their parents should have an active commitment to the International Baccalaureate curriculum, including a commitment to learning an additional language.

In addition;

a) students must have sufficient English language proficiency to be able to access learning. The school reserves the right not to admit applicants whose command of English would not allow them to access the curriculum and have a reasonable opportunity for success. (See section 7, below)
b) applicants for whom there has not been a full, accurate, disclosure of educational records, including all previous psychological/educational testing, will not be considered for admission.

As a day school, Halcyon requires that each student be living with his or her parent/s, or legal guardian, who must be legally resident in the UK. All applicants must possess the appropriate UKVI Tier 4 sponsor. Halcyon London International School is a UKVI Tier 4 Sponsor and is able to sponsor visas for suitable applicants who meet the admissions criteria.

The School will not offer a place if, after all reasonable adjustments have been made, the School will not be able to provide adequately or appropriately for the child’s physical and educational needs or promote the child’s well-being. It is assumed that newly-enrolled students will automatically progress through the School, subject to him/her meeting the required standards of behaviour and progress.

In order to have a better understanding of the curriculum offered at Halcyon, it is strongly recommended that parents consult before they apply. Halcyon has a specific application and admissions process, full details of which can be found here: The school operates a rolling admissions policy – meaning that students may apply and be admitted throughout the year – except in circumstances where places are, or may soon be, oversubscribed. In these circumstances, the School will notify deadline dates both for the completion of applications and for final admissions’ decisions.

Final decisions for admission are determined by the Admissions Committee whose decision is final. Once an offer has been made to a student, and the deposit and signed and dated Acceptance Form have been received by the date specified on the Acceptance Form, confirmation of admission will be made. Completed and current applications will be reviewed in the year (up to 12 months) prior to admission. Applications received prior to that date are considered expressions of interest only.

Halcyon2. Admissions Criteria and Process