Learning Reimagined Thus Far – £135,300 raised to date!

We are delighted to report on the successes of our Learning Reimagined campaign.

Online Auction and Quiz/Auction Night Events
Thanks to tremendous support from parents, staff, students and supportive businesses, we were able to raise just over £45,000 from these events. We consider this a wonderful accomplishment for any school. Halcyon should be particularly proud considering we are a relatively small school and these were our first major fundraising events.

Thanks to the student team for both designing the campaign video and digital quiz and for being great hosts on the night and the parent team whose hard work created an inspiring and fun event.

Inspiring Voices Speakers Series
Last night we had our 2nd Inspiring Voices Speakers Series which aims to share life-long learning with our community, friends and colleagues by inviting younger professionals to speak about their varied paths of success. This project has already raised approximately £1,000 this year and we look forward to seeing it grow next year. We received such fantastic community support; the evening was hosted, filmed, photographed and reported on by our students; our parent committee organised the speakers, publicised the event and refreshments were thanks to a lovely donation!

Thanks to everyone’s endless support!

Looking forward
Combining these events with the generous individual donations from our families and friends since the campaign launch last spring, we have raised £135,300.

With these funds we will be able to install much of the furnishing and acoustic redesign for the second floor space in time for September 2017. These improvements will be major steps toward the full project and allow us to enjoy comfortable, flexible learning spaces as soon as possible.

Thank you again to our entire community. We look forward to our next fundraising projects. If you would like to make a gift toward Learning Reimagined or the school in general, please contact Rita Halbright.

HalcyonLearning Reimagined Thus Far – £135,300 raised to date!