Katy Wrench, Marketing Leader

I actually dropped into Marketing and Communications rather by accident. I had finished my degree in Anthropology and Geography and was unsure what to do next. I choose to do a Masters Degree in Disaster Management which enabled me to access a communications internship in Thailand and through that, I experienced nine months of gallivanting around southeast Asia.

Living abroad in a non-English speaking country taught me some hard-earned life lessons; including how to remove a mouse from inside the workings of your refrigerator, how to politely refuse a sit-down meal with 5 chosen potential ‘life partners’, and that travelling alone as a young person is tough! But, since then, my love of travel has only grown. I worked in New Zealand for one year and got into hiking, surfing and kickboxing.

I found that my studies enhanced my new-found knowledge of communications in a new way: Knowing your target audience and the best way to communicate information to them is key in both a disaster situation and in everyday life. High levels of empathy; putting yourself in other people’s shoes and understanding what they need to understand make a good communicator and marketer. Studying different societies has helped a lot too.

My international experience has allowed me to see techniques being used in small, medium and large companies, both internationally and nationally. Marketing automation techniques, in particular, are key to helping an organisation grow. I’m keen to keep ahead of the curve, utilising a variety programmes and tools for a fast reaction time to keep students and parents informed of the interesting and relevant news. Keeping our communications authentic and as close to the source (our students, staff and families) as possible is high on my list.

I can bring bundles of energy, excitement, and expertise to what is already a fast-moving and innovative school and I am pleased to be able to meet so many talented staff and students.

Fun Fact: I was among 1000 people dancing in the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony as an 80/90s ‘Raver’.


CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, Level 6, Cambridge Marketing College
Masters of Science in Disaster Management at Coventry University
Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Geography at Oxford Brookes University

HalcyonKaty Wrench, Marketing Leader