Adolescence in Perspective: Challenges for Teenagers and Parents

Thanks to our wellbeing programme, Gareth Jones organised an engaging evening for Halcyon parents, which was thought-provoking and informative.

Our presenters Heli Sarin-Yates and Elizabeth Howell referred to a number of books on the evening (pictured).

Parents were asked for their key takeaways. Here are a couple of the comments:

“I liked when Elizabeth said parenting is not a natural skill so if you parent ‘naturally’ you are most likely parenting how you were parented. And if you didn’t like any of that…think about what you want to change.”

“When bicycles came out, they were the ‘devil’ because children could leave their own neighbourhoods for the first time. Now it may be mobile phones. So the challenges keep changing, but focusing on respectful and thoughtful communication is always the goal.”

If you attended this event and have any questions, you can contact Elizabeth or Heli.

HalcyonAdolescence in Perspective: Challenges for Teenagers and Parents