IBDP Creativity, Activity and Service Presentations

Grade 12 have finished their programme of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), part of the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). The primary purpose of CAS projects is for students to actively learn from doing tasks beyond the classroom and providing opportunities for authentic engagement with the local community. They have kept records and evidence of all their experiences, had their final interviews with the CAS Coordinator and shared their learning outcomes with Grades 10 and 11.

“Reflection gave me a chance to comment on my projects, to see how I was achieving the learning outcomes and seeing where I was lacking. It has helped me develop as a person, you learn how to become more active with the projects and see how beneficial they are.”

“CAS helped me step out of my comfort zone as I used to be really afraid of sticking out. People are more broadminded than you think.”

“CAS helped me to notice how I have an impact. I could notice in guitar lessons when I was learning about music theory and history with my teacher and just when I play it reflects a progress in music. There are lots of ways that music impacts society, music can change the lives of people who don’t have a lot. I like to make connections with things you might not expect.”

“CAS helped me realise the benefit of working collaboratively. I don’t like asking for help. I like to show I can do things alone, but I am recognising that I need to ask for help.”

“I had a lot of problems communicating in the beginning. In the end I worked much harder on communicating and it worked out much easier than I thought it would. It taught me that collaboration is very difficult, but it produces amazing results. I am actually looking forward to collaborative projects in the future. CAS is the main subject that helps you look at the world through different eyes, what are the problems in the world and how can we solve them, You have to do research which makes you more aware.”

“I really want to continue some activities at university, such as MUN, kickboxing and football. I have started these and CAS let me make time for them. I enjoy them so much. I am happy that CAS requires me to do these activities.”

“I can do a lot to fix a problem or help a global issue. Before CAS I felt one person can’t do anything. CAS pushes you and helps brings motivation and shows one person can have an impact.”

“My biggest achievement was assisting in the organisation of the MUN conference. Seeing it happen again today and not being involved made me see how big a challenge it was. I have helped to establish MUN as a big thing at Halcyon, which has set the bar for it being a central part of school. It has created a legacy at school.”

HalcyonIBDP Creativity, Activity and Service Presentations