Halcyon London International School’s MYP Personal Project Exhibition 2017

What is the Personal Project:

The Personal Project is a requirement of the last year of the IBMYP (IB Middle Years Programme). It is a student driven project, completed over an extended period of time. It enables students to pursue research in a topic of their interest and gives them the opportunity to practice skills that will be essential in the IB Diploma Programme. The project has four stages which are:

  • Investigating
  • Planning
  • Taking action
  • Reflecting

The students write a final report which documents the process of the project.
Twenty-five students set up stalls to present their work to other students, parents and staff. Topics ranged from theatre to perfume and from amnesty to architecture.

Topic examples

Beckett McDowell
“I wanted to create an architectural design for homes that could house refugees who have been displaced from their homes. It was one of the most interesting and challenging tasks that I have attempted.”

Evy Stumpff
“The aim of my project was to learn how to write a television script and produce a full length script as well as a trailer for this original show. The final product was somewhat of a reflection of life at Halcyon and some of the vibrant characters that walk these hallways.”

Zayaad Mohid
“I want to introduce parents and children to the sneaker culture. I want to show them that such a culture exists and hope that they too would want to start a collection of their own.”

Ellery Cordes
“I wanted to examine the topic of why musical theatre is thriving in London through a documentary. Through this project I developed valuable skills and it introduced me to new perspectives, as well as fuelling my love for the topic.”

Mentors Reactions:

“Ellery’s wonderful music theatre documentary made me very proud to be her mentor. The maturity, confidence and enthusiasm of the Grade 10 students, combined with the incredibly high standard of the projects was a breath of fresh air.” Ross McGowan, Halcyon Teacher.

What they learnt:

“I never had any time management before, but I realise when you have a goal and you have steps to reach it, you get it done” Ameen, G10 student.

“It definitely helped me a lot in social skills, critical thinking and time management. If you’re interested in a subject then you are going to do better at it, you’re more excited about it and make it better.” Dada, G10 student.

“When I printed them and received them and opened the box and realised I had made real and tangible things that I could touch, that was really exciting for me. I developed artistic skills, but also research skills, skills in essay writing and reflecting, really a lot of the things I need for the IB.” Elliot, G10 student.

“I really realised the great importance and the significance planning and general organisation have for success. Not only with my actual product, but also with my report.”  Sam, G10 student.

HalcyonHalcyon London International School’s MYP Personal Project Exhibition 2017