Bottle !t: A student-run ‘for profit, for good’ company

The Halcyon Social Entrepreneurs Exploration founded the company ‘Bottle !t.’ The aim of this company is to produce a sustainable Halcyon water bottle. This team of students have been working on the research, design, marketing and finance since October 2016. Right now we are developing a finance plan in order to follow through with the manufacturing and distributing process. We would like to sell our Water Bottles to Halcyon students, parents and teachers.

At this moment we’re looking for investors, like you, to help us raise £450.

Invest £15 or more today for a good cause! As a ‘for profit, for people, for planet’ social enterprise, Bottle !t commits all its profits to serving a community. The company has decided to invest in our education by donating all profits to the development of the second floor space at Halcyon.

We are confident that this company will be profitable and we will return your investment. Note: This is subject to the success of our product sales.

Fill out this form if you are interested in investing!

Thank you!
The Bottle !t Management Team
Elisabet, Lucia, Rita and Sabrina

HalcyonBottle !t: A student-run ‘for profit, for good’ company