Convention vs Innovation?

Do you remember what communicating, travelling, learning, working, etc. were prior to the smart phone? Society has moved on and we have experienced some monumental and innovative/technological changes. Whether one wishes to accept it or not, innovation and technologies are forever evolving and we have an obligation or responsibility to embrace them.

From a personal perspective, it has been a steep learning curve where new and innovative cutting-edge approaches have been at the forefront of Halcyon’s driving force. The philosophy and open mindedness which form the foundation of its principles, have totally removed the “red tape” and “tick box” cultures which I was accustomed to for so many years.

I have discovered that here at Halcyon there is no ceiling to the learning for both students and staff. Staff are encouraged to explore and learn new technologies to bring into the classroom to enhance and enrich student engagement, learning experiences, and overall knowledge. It is imperative we prepare our young people for the “current”, the “relevant” and the “future”. Thankfully, this has reignited my passion and enjoyment of teaching and I have delved into a world of combining a range of technologies while still valuing and recognising the importance of conventional practices.

It is clear the ethos and philosophy at Halcyon supports the notion of encouraging both students and staff to explore, discover and implement a variety of technologies which enrich the learning and teaching. Currently, the Google suite of apps is at the foundation of Halcyon’s communication and transparency across the community. All resources are available twenty-four hours a day all year round and from any corner of the globe. The paperless and digital society at Halcyon has paved the way for setting a trend that exploits the use of innovative technologies across a range of disciplines to promote innovation, transparency and accessibility. At the same time it is clear that conventional methodologies are also practiced alongside technology.These form the base of our knowledge and understanding across subjects.

Convention and Innovation in successful combination are preparing our students for the current and future workforce as well as equipping them with industry skills.

By George Elia, Halcyon Music & Music Technology Teacher

HalcyonConvention vs Innovation?