EdTech Innovators #BETT2017

Halcyon have once again been asked to present on the Google Stage at BETT, the world’s largest education technology exhibition.

Students and staff will be showcasing Halcyon’s integral digital commitment and its countless benefits for students, teachers, administrators and parents. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world attend the show; this year promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

In particular, students and staff will be explaining how the new Google Sites platform has been revolutionising the way that things are done at Halcyon; both in and out of the classroom. Student representatives will be joining from the Halcyonite (Halcyon’s student-led e-magazine) and from the Student Council to talk about some of the innovative ways they are using this awesome interactive tool! If you would like to attend BETT, register at Follow @HalcyonSchool on Twitter to keep apprised of #BETT2017 news and updates!

As a Google Reference School and Apple Central Regional Training Centre (schools), this is a particular honour for Halcyon. We are truly seeing the benefits of having dedicated digital integrationists among both our staff and students. When we opened in 2013, we believed that with cutting-edge digital training and support, administrative commitment and conducive learning spaces, we could leverage learning (and administration) through digital engagement. The ripple effect keeps rippling!

Let us share some fun facts about the benefits of seeing devices as educational drivers, not distractors!

  • Halcyon students can be more organised as they carry fewer hard copy books, have access to past, current and future assignments/tasks and can programme reminders for any/all of their devices
  • Thanks to our iTunesU curated courses, students can revise and extend their learning as they wish; parents can learn too!
  • Flipping the classroom has never been easier – learn the lesson at home. Hammer through the tough problems in class with peers and teachers as sounding boards
  • Why collaborate on projects just in class or at the library – Google Docs and many other applications excite students to collaborate virtually and from anywhere in the world
  • Practice your additional language pronunciation with your phone or iPad for feedback from your teacher
  • Organise student led conferences such as Model United Nations completely online including creating a website, making a promotional video, event management and budgeting, mail blasts and document delivery – without printing a sheet of paper or spending a penny
  • Make video presentations to document and perfect your work while aiding visual and auditory learners
  • Student-led, paperless yearbook….until the yearbook gets printed! No printed photos, nothing until the end product

And we are still learning about more ripples administratively!

  • Halcyon has never done a paper mailing to our community EVER – all correspondence is paper free and digital
  • We exist with one printer. A lonely one at that.
  • We manage with much less linear storage space than a school with only hard copy books and space is £££
  • How long does it take our admin team to agree to documents and communications? Very little because it’s all online and synced constantly!
  • How many trees have we saved? We figure 1000’s!
  • How many filing cabinets do we need? Almost none!
HalcyonEdTech Innovators #BETT2017