Education on Air: #ItTakesATeacher

We are delighted to announce that on Saturday 03 December Halcyon’s Digital Learning Leader, Jon Neale, will be presenting on ‘Becoming a G Suite Ninja’ for the ‘Education on Air’ conference from Google. Watch the video below to learn more about the conference.

From Forms to Focs and YouTube to Sheets, in his session Jon will be sharing lots of awesome tips and tricks to make the most of G Suite in and out of the classroom.

We are particularly proud that Jon has this opportunity to further demonstrate how we digitally leverage our levels of creativity, organisation, collaboration, analysis and more through the various platforms and apps.

Education on Air is a free, global online conference where educators can share with and learn from other educators. Find out more here.

HalcyonEducation on Air: #ItTakesATeacher