Fantastic First: Halcyon’s Student-led Global Issues Network (GIN) Forum

“…thank you for hosting us so well during the GIN Forum…the organisation of the event was splendid!” – International School of Luxembourg

Five of Halcyon’s Grade 12 students planned, organised and led a fantastic three-day Global Issues Network (GIN) Forum. This was our first GIN Forum and a tremendous achievement for the Diploma students. The students managed logistics, communications and budgeting.

The theme of the Forum was “EnGINeering the Future: Aid”, referring to “aid” in its broadest sense. The students successfully demonstrated that both the words ‘aid’ and ‘engineering’ can mean so many different things; support, care, service and that WE can do so many things to improve the future. The theme was addressed through student-led presentations, workshops, and talks conducted by guest speakers.

The Forum formed part of the student’s CAS (Creativity Activity Service) project. The goal was to introduce students from around the world to one another and share their projects and discussions on aid. Attendees were educating one another on different approaches to aid and also heard from an amazing selection of guest speakers from small and large non-governmental organisations, namely:

  • Doctors without Borders
  • Hand in Hand International
  • Oxfam
  • Terra Signing Academy
  • WaterAid UK
  • Walkabout Foundation

In addition to the guest speakers, the students organised two activities to encourage attendee collaboration. One activity was a sign language class whereby everyone was taught about international sign language and what skills can be developed to support delivering aid. The second activity was story book creation. Each school developed a children’s story book with aid as the theme. The books will be scanned and distributed by two charities – Mary’s Meals and Water Aid.

“It was such an honour to be able to meet aspiring young students from all over Europe to discuss what we can do as the next generation to bring about a better and brighter future for all!” – Anne-Marie, Halcyon Grade 12 student.

HalcyonFantastic First: Halcyon’s Student-led Global Issues Network (GIN) Forum