Student Council Elections 2016/2017

“One of the best things about being at Halcyon is being part of the community.” Ellery, Running for President.

Halcyon ran its Student Council elections for 2016/2017. The Council provides a platform for students to explore their voice, freedom of speech and opportunity to discover and support new views from the community. Exploring and understanding leadership roles also provides powerful learning.

The candidates presented themselves clearly and enthusiastically to their peers. Evy, Grade 10, running for Secretary, stated:

“I’ve watched the school grow and change and sat back with my thoughts and opinions, but I want to take the initiative now to actively participate.”

On Friday, the results were in! Halcyon’s 2016/17 Student Council is:

  • Treasurer: Kieran, Grade 11
  • Secretary: Evy, Grade 10
  • Vice President: Beckett, Grade 10
  • President: Ellery, Grade 10

Well done to everyone who ran for a position and to those who won the election! We’re looking forward to a productive year of student governance.

HalcyonStudent Council Elections 2016/2017