Director’s Message: Half-Term Break

Dear Students, Staff and Parents,

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the first half-term of the school year. I say ‘enjoyed’ very deliberately because we know we all learn better when we are enthused and engaged; I know there has been fabulous learning taking place – from our week-long residential trips, through field trips around London during our Community Days, to great IB learning across our classes, and teacher professional learning days. We have all been engaged, given our best and made progress as individuals and as a learning community. We aim for learning to give us a sense of success and help us feel fulfilled.

This year we have established Exploration classes and started a one-to-one mentoring programme for all students. We have also sought to expand the time available for personal and service learning, through our vertical mentor groups. These programmes aim to provide students with an opportunity to shape (some of) their learning. It also allows more time to reflect on their experiences and be supported in making positive changes. By having a greater sense of ownership of their learning, students should find learning more enjoyable and satisfying.

I trust our parents have enjoyed their learning too, coming to our workshops and orientation evenings. I hope that we have communicated our enjoyment of being a part of the Halcyon experience, and presented our school as a place that prizes inquiry, discovery and innovation. I know that our parents are always there to support both the school and their own learning – thank you!

Finally, and not by any means last, our staff have supported the changes we have made this year and been wonderful ambassadors for innovation. They, too, have taken on new ideas and different ways of learning, and I believe this is one of the many reasons why Halcyon is such a great place to be; as staff members we all enjoy learning together and then sharing that with the students and parents.

Wherever you may be over the coming vacation – enjoy!

Best wishes,


HalcyonDirector’s Message: Half-Term Break