Universities Visit Halcyon

Last week Halcyon was visited by five universities:

The representatives highlighted how valued the IB curriculum is at each of their universities. One student asked “Does belonging to a school that is only four years old impact admissions decision-makers?” and each replied with a firm No – the IB curriculum is so highly regarded by admissions that any student applying from an IB curriculum school is in a strong position.

Students also learned that American university applications are holistic. Indeed, they look at the whole package from recommendations, grades, extracurricular activities to leadership and essays.

Mark Bowen fed back that: “Students came very prepared to listen. They were open-minded and asked insightful questions. I believe students left with a clearer understanding of the American university process as well as an understanding of the each individual university’s requirements.”.

Ethan in Grade 11 commented: “The speakers were knowledgeable, professional, engaging and provided us with a lot of useful information. We learned that universities take a regional view for admissions rather than a school-wide view. I feel better informed about the American university application process…Notre Dame is now top of my list!”.


HalcyonUniversities Visit Halcyon