New Families Induction 2016/17

We were thrilled to welcome so many new students and parents to our induction session!

Today was an opportunity for our 46 new students to meet one another, several staff members as well as some returning students before the first day of Term next week. Additionally, time was spent sharing some of the wonderful opportunities digital learning provides, as well as looking at how we – school and parents – can work together to keep children focused on learning.

Families were introduced to Halcyon’s new Digital Learning Leader, Jon Neale, who gave an inspiring and engaging presentation about the effective use of technology to enhance learning outcomes. Jon says “I believe that for the integration of technology to be successful, it has to be meaningful. It is crucial that learning requirements drive the technology; not vice-versa. Like Halcyon, I firmly believe that all those in education are blessed with a unique opportunity to help shape the future.”

New students and parents were greeted by Halcyon Student Ambassadors who did a fantastic job of making our new families feel welcome throughout the induction. We would like to give a big thank you to each of them for taking time out of their last few days of the summer break to help us today:

  • Anne-Marie in Grade 7
  • Brooke in Grade 7
  • Claire in Grade 11
  • Ethan in Grade 11
  • Evy in Grade 11
  • Finn in Grade 9
  • Vicky in Grade 11

We look forward to welcoming all of our students back to school next week.

HalcyonNew Families Induction 2016/17