Halcyon’s Student-led Debate Day

Today we saw very passionate student debaters. Their debating level was considered and thoughtful and everyone was judged on an IB style criteria. We (Ellery and Emily, Grade 10) along with Ms Fritz, were the Debate Day Coordinators. We chose today’s topics from suggestions by Halcyon’s Student Council and staff, from looking at relevant topics in the news and by reviewing current educational topics.

Round One Topic
‘Should Halcyon continue to support Cancer Research UK when knowing they use animal testing?’

Round Two Topics
‘Should university education be free?’
‘Should homework at halcyon be banned?’
‘Should prisoners get the vote?’
‘Should countries with human rights violations be allowed to host international schooling events?’

Round Three Topics
‘Should the internet be censored?’
‘To what extent do violent video games negatively impact the behaviour of young people?’

Final Round Topic
‘To what extent is the death penalty a good punishment?’

The judges were made up of a selection of teachers (Mr Alcantud, Ms Bartholomew, Mr Burn, Mr Costa, Ms Foster, Mr Gow, Ms Gonzalez, Ms Kahn, Ms Lin, Ms Rose, Ms Shillito and Mr Simpson) and students (Alex, Alexi, Dada, Ellie, Eric, Ellie, Isaac, Kieran and Lucy). The debating teams were made up of mixed grade students from Grades 6-10.

Congrats to the winning team: Davide, Evy, Lucca and Nathan.

Well done to all participants for their enthusiastic efforts! Thank you to the judges and Ms Fritz for helping to make today so much fun!

We are already looking forward to next year’s event.

Thank you,
Emily and Ellery

HalcyonHalcyon’s Student-led Debate Day