Pauli’s time at Halcyon: Exchange Programme Blog

Pauli ha sido la primera estudiante del programa de intercambio lingüístico entre el Colegio San Ignacio en Argentina y Halcyon London International School en Reino Unido. Como experiencia piloto en este programa nuevo para ambos centros, Pauli ha contribuido a crear y definir las bases de lo que va a ser una experiencia internacional para futuros alumnos de ahora en adelante.

Su estancia en Halcyon ha sido entrañable y modélica en todos los aspectos: académico, social, y humano. Su integración fue plena desde la primera semana en el centro pese a que su lengua materna no es el inglés; ha seguido perfectamente las clases de todas las asignaturas seleccionadas participando activamente con muy buen feedback por parte de los profesores; su carácter y simpatía ha hecho que todos los alumnos del centro la acojan con los brazos abiertos creando vínculos de amistad desde la primera semana; y ha contribuido en el departamento de español apoyando a aquellos compañeros que necesitan un refuerzo en la asignatura de Español como Lengua Extranjera. En este último punto, cabe destacar que Pauli podría haber elegido una lengua extranjera de su propio interés (mandarín o francés) sin embargo, decidió ayudar a sus compañeros, al departamento de español y al centro, como gesto de gratitud con el programa de intercambio.

Ha sido un verdadero placer tener a Pauli en Halcyon. Le deseamos todo lo mejor en su futuro académico, profesional y personal.


Pauli was our first student of the Language Exchange Programme between St. Ignatius College in Argentina and Halcyon London International School in the UK. As a pilot project, Pauli has helped to develop and define the basis of what will be an international experience for prospective students moving forward.

Pauli’s stay at Halcyon has been endearing and exemplary in all aspects: academic, social, and human. She was fully integrated from the first week although her first language is not English; she has attended all her chosen subjects, actively participating with very good feedback from teachers; her character and charm has made all of the students at the school welcome her with open arms by creating bonds of friendship from the first week; and also she has contributed in the Spanish department by supporting her peers who are studying Spanish as an additional language. It is worth noting that Pauli could have chosen to study an additional language (Mandarin or French) however, she decided to help her schoolmates, the Spanish department and the School, as a gesture of gratitude to the Exchange Programme.

It has been a real pleasure to have Pauli at Halcyon and we wish her all the best in the future. She looks forward to welcoming Eric, Kieran and Nate from Halcyon for their August exchange.

Halcyon students created questions and interviewed Pauli on her time at Halcyon and in London. Have a read below!

What drew you to the exchange in the first place?
I have always loved travelling and meeting new people. A couple of years ago I started to think about the possibility of travelling to a new place, but not just to visit and take pictures. I wanted to get involved in a different culture, make more friends and learn the language. Basically I wanted to go to a school abroad. I talked with my Headmaster about the possibility of organising an educational exchange. My school got in contact with Halcyon London International School and together they designed this great international programme.

What is your biggest takeaway from the exchange?
I’m taking so much from London that is hard to choose. I’m taking experiences, ideas, knowledge, lessons, words, emails, pictures and new dreams. But above all of those wonderful things, my biggest takeaway from the exchange are the friendship bonds. I believe I have meet a lot of nice people here, from my family, Jean, Tim, Evy, Nate, Anne-Marie and Snoopy, to my classmates that I can call now my friends, and even teachers from the school! I haven’t just meet new people. I have made friends. And I know that our relationship won’t end when I go back to Argentina. I know that many of the friendships I have made here will last forever, and I can’t think of anything more worthy someone can get when travelling.

What is your favourite part of Halcyon and London?
Both London and Halcyon are simply amazing in their own way. I believe my favourite part of Halcyon, if by part we are talking about a place, is the study hall. Not only because I found plenty of books in different languages, also I liked how many students, from different grades, would meet to play games, do homework, talk with teachers, or just wait there, either sitting on a chair or lying in the coach. I feel that the study hall is one place in the school where you can find all the different faces of Halcyon together. When talking about London is a little bit harder to choose. Is a beautiful city, everything is neat and organised, but even better, is a British mixture of cultures. The place I liked the most were the parks, especially Hyde Park. Every time I got there I walked through a different pathway. I’m sure there is not enough time in one’s life to cover every single corner of the park. There is always something new to discover.

What are some of the biggest differences between Halcyon/London and St. Ignatius/Cordoba?
The first remarkable difference is the amount of stairs in the buildings. I used to complain about the two floors I had to walk to get to my class back in Argentina. After this visit to Halcyon I won’t complain anymore… Both schools are rather small, I have 15 classmates at St Ignatius and in Halcyon it was pretty similar. One difference I noticed since the very first day is the diversity of each school. While in St Ignatius we tend to have students from around the city, sometimes from Buenos Aires, and only two siblings that started last year from Bath, U.K., in Halcyon I was able to find at least 2 two different nationalities everyday. I met people from Germany, Australia, United States of America, Mexico, Austria and many other places, besides London. I think that is one of the biggest differences. The other wide difference I found is the use of technology at each school. In Halcyon I used my iPad or laptop as much or even more than my notebooks, and most of the books were virtual. Back in Argentina, we haven’t started using google classrooms, and I only use my computer for specific tasks. I believe these are the two biggest differences between Halcyon and St Ignatius.

What part of London was your favourite to visit?
My favourite part of London to visit, besides the musicals, the museums, the stadiums and all the cool street markets, were the little streets or passages that lead to tiny places with only two or three shops. They were quiet and peaceful, whenever I found one and walked through it I didn’t hear all the cars and noises from the busy streets. I liked those places because they seemed to be set apart from the city life.

Favourite food you tried while here?
This is definitely one of the hardest questions, not only because all the restaurants, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and even Argentinian were great, but also because my host mom Jean is a great cook!! But if I have to choose one from all the food I have tried…the banana cake Jean baked and the banana muffins Halcyon’s chef prepared!! Both desserts were delicious!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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