BETT Conference: Halcyon Students Present on the Google Stand

Today three of our students presented at the BETT conference on the Google stand. The conference was an excellent opportunity for our students to showcase how they feel digital integration has helped to transform their learning, and also a chance for them to learn about student’s experiences with technology from other schools and to explore new cutting edge technologies.

Caroline, Grade 8, presented how Google Drive is “My School Backpack of Everything Organised”. Caroline finds that the main benefit of Google Drive is having everything all in one app which allows easy access from any device. An example Caroline provided was if she leaves her personal device at home then she can easily check out a school device for the day and all of her school stuff can still be accessed there. This is also the case if she is off sick from school, she is still able to keep up with assignments because they are posted in Google Classroom.

Eric, Grade 10, discussed how Google Apps for Education turned nine hours of class into 30 hours of collaborative work. He emphasised that multiple people can work at the same time on the same document and learning isn’t restricted to the classroom, the documents are automatically stored in the cloud allowing students to easily pick-up where they left off.

Rachel, Grade 11, highlighted how Google Apps for Education at Halcyon has made her forget that she had Dyslexia for 6 months. Listen to Rachel’s presentation below.

HalcyonBETT Conference: Halcyon Students Present on the Google Stand