Fire Tech Camp

To inspire our students with awesome technology we have signed-up to an after school coding club with Fire Tech Camp, a leading UK provider of tech and holiday camps, workshops and weekend / after-school clubs. Fire Tech Camp nurtures the next generation of digital makers by providing them with future-critical tech, coding and making skills. Guided by an expert tutor our students have the opportunity to learn robotics, coding, java modding and design in a Minecraft World.

Students will explore their creativity whilst learning all about robotics. They will design challenges, complete mazes and even make their Ozobots dance! During the sessions students will get the chance to learn how to code using Ozoblocky and will see their code come to life by uploading this code to the miniature robot.

Using the worldwide gaming phenomenon, Minecraft, students will explore how to make their own 3D worlds and how to import their own schematics, working both independently and on team challenges on a dedicated server. Beyond design, students will focus on learning core computational concepts such as iteration, variables, Boolean logic, procedures and functions whilst coding their own Minecraft mods in the Java language. They will then see their creations come to life in the Minecraft environment.


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