Grade 10 History Presentations

Halcyon students from Grade 10 History held a conference on different conflicts where sexual violence was a prominent feature, in an attempt to raise awareness regarding the subject at hand. The conflicts discussed were the Rwandan genocide, Former Yugoslavia, Nanjing, and the Bangladeshi war of independence. The conference was given in confidence that the students would be fully prepared, therefore all the work was independent and self¬≠-driven. The students weren’t taught any of the material discussed, instead they did independent research and supported each other as a group. The students developed their skills as caring individuals as they showed empathy, compassion and respect towards the victims of sexual violence in conflict, and as communicators, as they collaborated with others while planning and giving the talk.

Grade 10 student Scott Warner said: “I enjoyed this project and I am happy I had the opportunity to have this new experience”.

By Fra and Misha, Grade 10


HalcyonGrade 10 History Presentations