Halcyon’s MUNISH (Model United Nations at The International School of The Hague) 2015 trip was, undeniably, an eventful school trip.

All 12 of the delegates met up with the Ms. Rose and Ms. Drew at London City airport on Thursday morning. After making a timely arrival in The Hague, we set off to do some sightseeing in town before our boat ride and tour of the city later that evening.

On Friday, we set off for our first day at the conference. We were reunited with the friends we made at last year’s conference as well as being introduced to plenty of new ones! The conference officially started with the opening ceremony before separating into our committees. Some of the committees went straight into debate whilst others entertained lobbying time, an opportunity for delegates to discuss their resolutions before submitting them to be debated.

Saturday was the main day for debate and featured topics such as “The Question of the Abolishment of the Death Penalty” and “The Question of Determining Sovereign Rights over the Dispute of the South China Sea”. After a day of debate, the delegates were rewarded with the opportunity to show off their best dance moves at the MUNISH 2015 party.

Sunday was the last day for delegates to take the floor (in the political way) and make sure their delegations’ views were heard. We thought that at 1615, when we left for the airport, that the most tiring part of the weekend was over, but it was not! Mere minutes after arriving at the airport, we found out that our flight had been cancelled! We spent a few hours at the airport trying to see if there was any way we could get on a plane back to London. Although many of us were disappointed that we would not be heading home to our own beds and our loving parents we perked up upon hearing that we would be spending the night in a posh hotel together!

Not unlike my experience at MUNISH 2014, I found MUNISH 2015 to be an incredibly enriching experience that I would highly recommend to my peers and beyond that would suggest that they actively take part in MUN club at Halcyon.

By Alexi, Grade 10

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