Fatima Gonzalez Gomez, Spanish Teacher & Mother Tongue Language Coordinator

After University, Education Degree with a Major in Foreign languages in UCLM University, I started my professional career teaching English in an elementary school in Spain. After that, I moved to the UK where I worked organising Spanish extracurricular activities in different primary schools while I was studying a Master’s degree in Spanish Linguistics in Nebrija University. I continued my career in Singapore coordinating the children’s department (primary and secondary levels) in a school associated to Instituto Cervantes.

I also worked as a volunteer teacher in a refugee camp in Western Sahara in 2004 and in an orphanage in Indonesia in 2010.

My main goal is to work with the Spanish language in a meaningful way for the students. I love to work with interdisciplinary content through projects where students have the opportunity to tap personal interests and individual skills to investigate with curiosity within the multicultural and diverse Hispanic world.


Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics to ELE (Spanish as a second language) from Universidad Antonio de Nebrija (Spain)
Bachelor of Arts in Education Major in English and Spanish as foreign languages from Castilla La University (Spain).

HalcyonFatima Gonzalez Gomez, Spanish Teacher & Mother Tongue Language Coordinator