Halcyon’s renovations and expansion are underway

We are pleased to report that close on the tails of staff training days last week, renovations began at Halcyon on the Mezzanine floor.

The WLS Library is being relocated to the Council Room on the first floor and the staff office is being moved and expanded on the second floor to include a work room as well as tea point and lounge. This will allow for our new science and design technology lab and an additional classroom to be built on the Mezzanine floor as well as more space for our growing staff on the second floor.

While we are not embarking on a full renovation of the new space we have been allocated on the second floor just yet, we are pleased to also be able to offer a IB Diploma Programme Common Room as well as two new offices, a staff WC and a female student WC.

HalcyonHalcyon’s renovations and expansion are underway