IBMYP Graduation

On 5 June 2015, Halcyon graduated its first IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) class.

It was quite a grand afternoon, beginning with a spectacular afternoon tea organised by the HPC, followed by a number of speeches including a welcome by Grade 10 student Rachel and our guest speaker Colin Bell, Executive Director of COBIS. Duncan Partridge read Dr. Seuss’s inspiring “The Places You’ll Go,” and the class was reminded that they will always be leaders at Halcyon as they are the first to do many things such as graduate the IBMYP and become our first IBDP class!

Next Michelle Jones used individual book titles for each student to describe them and their fine attributes, such as “A Room of One’s Own” for Gwen.

The class were then congratulated and inspired by Gareth Jones who shared his thoughts about how this class was learning far more than their coursework, such as how to lead, shape and risk-take in our young school.

It would not be an IB graduation if there wasn’t time for student reflections which were heartwarming and insightful. Dina spoke of finally being in a place where she knew everyone and felt at ease. Charlie presented Michelle Jones with a Grade 10 photo album where each student found a baby picture of themselves and created a new current day version along with lots of thanks and good feelings. Lori Fritz our IBMYP Co-ordinator then presented the certificates to the students. All parents were present to take lots of photos.

It was a very special afternoon indeed.

HalcyonIBMYP Graduation