IB Diploma Programme Taster Day

On Thursday, Grade 10 students were introduced to the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) in an interesting and informative way. The day began with a Kahoot! quiz on the Core aspects of the IBDP, followed by an engaging and highly effective panel discussion with IB graduates from other schools who gave an insight into their experiences, followed by morning coffee and a one-to-one chat opportunity.

After break, students met with representatives from Pamoja to learn about how they will use the Pamoja system for independent study of their online courses next year.

After lunch, two split “quick-fire information” sessions took place for students to explore their university options and application process, and the Extended Essay.

The final activity of the IBDP Taster Day was a bread-making game where students learned about the research process through the metaphor of bread-making. With limited time, limited resources and limited knowledge, all students struggled to prepare their bread on time but the whole afternoon was taken in a lighthearted and fun manner. Two students were disqualified for plagiarism and collusion (one gave half of her bread to the other), one student barely started as they picked up an irrelevant and useless recipe (thus, learning the importance of reliable data), two failed to meet the deadline and one student all-out cheated by claiming a ready-made loaf of bread was her own!

Students left the session with a lot of ideas and excellent advice for next year, including:
* prepare
* check your sources and information
* follow instructions carefully
* plan your time
* don’t take credit for other people’s work.

Here are some quotes from students (see if you can guess if they were about bread-making or essay writing!):
“You took my data (ingredients) without asking”
“I don’t have enough time left”
“I don’t even have the right tools to start”
“This is so stressful – I don’t know anything about this!”
“Oh, no! I failed my Bread-making Diploma!”

HalcyonIB Diploma Programme Taster Day