Guest Speaker: Richard Kramer about The Marvel Universe

Halcyon students were treated to a wonderful workshop earlier this month when Richard Kramer, a parent at Halcyon, took them through a journey of “The Marvel Universe”.

Having been a collector of Marvel comic books since he was nine, Richard has dedicated a lot of time to reading and studying the structure, evolution, and characterisation used in this famous genre.

Focusing on “Marvel” from early mythology, the humanity of the characters, as well as the way in which these comics captured and reflected the social conditions and events of their publication context, our Halcyon students began to make connections between the literary and design elements of comics.

After the presentation, Halcyon students, teachers, and parents were given the opportunity to browse a part of Richard’s comic collection. Exploring comics that date back to first editions raised a number of interesting questions including some related to the portrayal of women and the use of slang language.

Many thanks to Richard, Linus, and Jonah for working together and preparing a truly sublime exploration of “Marvel”!


HalcyonGuest Speaker: Richard Kramer about The Marvel Universe