Standing Desks

This week, Halcyon received its first standing desk. Standing desks have been shown to help students stay more active during the day, decrease the health risks of sitting, which can include diabetes and colon cancer, and increase student focus and productivity. In order to trial them for our school, we have ordered three desks, the first of which arrived this past week. It is located in the Humanities classroom, S02, where it has been well received.

“They make me feel more focused and engaged,” says a Grade 9 student who used the desk on the first day.

“Every class I’ve got more than one student wanting to use it…I’ve noticed that students who use it are more focused and fidget less,” says Ms Cooke, the Humanities teacher, “I’d welcome a couple more!”

Two more standing desks are arriving in the month.

by Nate, Grade 9

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