Grades 9 & 10 French

Halcyon Grades 9 & 10 French students attended an interesting and enjoyable activity day at BFI last week.

In the morning, students participated in language tasks related to several short films in french on the themes of immigration, romance and family life in Paris. After lunch, students watched ‘Les Intouchables’ in French with English subtitles. The film, based on real life events, follows the relationship between a wealthy paralysed aristocrat living in Paris and his flamboyant assistant. This is the most successful non-english speaking film at the box office ever taking in more than $280M across the world.

Upon return to Halcyon, students completed a written piece of work including a summary of the main events, what they learned and what their own impressions were of the film.

HalcyonGrades 9 & 10 French