Celebration of Learning: Grade 10 Personal Projects

As part of our IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP), students are required to complete a Personal Project (PP). This PP is an important part of each student’s graduation from the IBMYP and it offers an exciting opportunity for students to create a truly creative piece of work and to use the skills they have learnt during their time in the programme. It is an opportunity for students to do something they really want to do, something they really like, and hence that they regard as personal.  The Personal Project is also an excellent preparation for the rigours of higher education, as the PP is often considered the younger sibling of the IB Diploma Extended Essay.

Students complete a challenging project over the course of six months. They must complete a large amount of both primary and secondary research, meet regularly with their supervisors for support and they must keep a journal documenting the process. At the end of the project students show their work to a panel of teachers, produce a detailed report and show their work at an exhibition.

Students worked incredibly hard and not only learnt a lot about their topics they selected, (everything from interior design through to forensics), but learnt a lot about themselves and developed their approaches to learning. Here is a summary of their projects:


Student: Rachel

Project Title: Through media, can we make future Halcyon Community members more knowledgeable about what Halcyon is like as a community and school?

Project Goal: A digital prospectus that demonstrates the uniqueness and difference in Halcyon as a school from other IB schools using the team members and students point of view. The prospectus will have a focus on attracting and inviting new members into the Halcyon community.

Global Context: Identities and Relationships

Student: Dylan

Project Title: Creating A Healthy Cooking Website

Project Goal: My personal project is to create a healthy cookbook, I am focusing on having a balanced and nutritious diet.

Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation

Student: Daphni

Project Title: How do words/thoughts impact a persons life?, Raising Awareness for Teenage Mental Health

Project Goal: To create a Tumblr blog, t-shirts, zines, stickers and posters to spread awareness for teenage mental health and positivity around the Halcyon and wider community.

Global Context: Identities and Relationships

Student: Isla Mathieson

Project Title: Peal & Co: a short film

Project Goal: The goal was to make a fashion film about Peal & Co, a shoe company which used to be owned by my family. My aim was to educate through a creative way, telling the story of Peal & Co, as well as expressing my own creativity through the art of filmmaking. Ultimately I wanted this to be an interesting, unique approach to the idea of a documentary.

Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression

Student: Celia

Project Title: Double Function Table

Project Goal: The objective of my personal project is to make people life better by making a piece of furniture that help to overcome the struggle of living in small spaces. It is a table that has the option to be at different levels.

Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation

Student: Charlie

Project Title: A Beginner’s Guide to Filmmaking

Project Goal: To create a video guide teaching and explaining the process of filmmaking to beginners, as well as providing a complementary example video following the steps of the guide.

Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression

Student: Gwen

Project Title: Create teaching resource to use for middle school about forensics. The main product will be a kit that will include resources and activities.

Project Goal: To create a resource kit about forensic science for students in middle school, ages 11­-14. The kit includes four main topics; chromatography, fingerprinting, hair analysis and handwriting analysis. Each topic is separated into teaching sheets. The sheets include background information, activities, experiments scientific explanations and more.The kits’ content is digital so it can be used by teachers anywhere in the world who has the link.

Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation

Student: Alexandra

Project Title: How can fashion influence and be influenced by culture?

Project Goal: To complete a collection of clothes compiled of three looks, that look professional and could be sold in a store to the general public.

Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression

Student: Dina

Project Title: The Box Biology Project

Project Goal: The investigation of organism life in London and education of it towards a younger group of students.

Global Context: Globalisation and Sustainability.

HalcyonCelebration of Learning: Grade 10 Personal Projects