Creative School of The Year Nomination

Halcyon has made the prestigious shortlist for TES School Awards 2015 – Creative School of the Year. Below is part of our application submitted by Gareth Jones, Halcyon’s Maths and Science Teacher and PSHE Co-ordinator.

All Halcyon students are encouraged to look at the challenges we face today through an interdisciplinary lens.

Halcyon facilitates this interdisciplinary and creative approach by:

  • planning interdisciplinary units of study where students study two or more subjects to address a single issue;
  • having a strong extra­curricular programme that links with a core element of the Halcyon Service as Action programme;
  • having weekly dedicated time for students to pursue their particular passion during Personal Learning Periods.

Within the IB curriculum at Halcyon, students have demonstrated a mastery for interconnecting subjects and the real world through some of the following activities:

● Computer coding

● Geometry and Minecraft

● Robotics

● Cardboard Arcades

● Digital Biographies

● Town planning

● Puppet Theatre.

Students have been central to creating an active and creative extracurricular programme at Halcyon. Some of the student-led initiatives include:

● Model United Nations

● Global Issues Network

● Book Club

● Yearbook

● Student Council.

We believe that it is important for students to pursue the areas that they enjoy. This allows students to succeed and feel that establishing a sense of balance in their education is vital. It also allows for really creative, self­-directed work. We allow for time in our school week for this and students are given personal learning periods. Some examples of the excellent working occurring during this time are:

● Raising Awareness of Teenage Mental Health

● Creating a multi­media digital prospectus for Halcyon

● Digital Leaders Blogs.

This is just a snapshot of the creativity on display at Halcyon and there is much more to be seen if you visit the school. Student-­led exploration, engagement, creativity (and allowing students to break educational boundaries) is what we aim to inspire at Halcyon.

As educators, we are inspired by our students’ achievements; we hope you share this feeling.

HalcyonCreative School of The Year Nomination