Halcyon’s Mathematics Achievements

We are very excited to once again be competing in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) tournament which consists of different levels and competitions.

Most participating schools have several hundred students per year group from which to choose, including streamed sets of which only the top mathematicians are allowed to compete. As a young, small school, Halcyon can be very proud of its achievements.

Last year, with roughly 40 students, we had four medal winners. This year with roughly 75 students we had seven medal winners.

Our younger competitors, Grade 7 and Grade 8 students, just competed in a region-wide competition with 40 schools and came in 30th. Considering that we only sent four students from our school, this was a good achievement and we plan to do better next year.

We are also very proud of our two Olympiads (one this year and one last year) who competed with the top 500 students in their age group in the country.

Intermediate Mathematics Challenge 2015 (1 gold; 3 Silver; 3 Bronze).
Intermediate Mathematics Challenge 2014 (2 gold; 1 Silver; 1 Bronze)
Junior Mathematics Challenge 2014 (1 Bronze)
Grey Kangaroo 2014 (1 Certificate of Merit)
Cayley Olympiad 2014 (1 Certificate of Merit)
Hamilton Olympiad 2015
UKMT Team Challenge 2014 (4th in Central London).


HalcyonHalcyon’s Mathematics Achievements