The benefits of being an IB Diploma Programme student

Acceptance rates: IBDP students have a higher rate of university and college acceptance.

Interdisciplinary learning: The IBDP develops candidates as internationally-minded individuals with a commitment to lifelong learning.

Self-confidence: IBDP students are confident in their abilities as learners, do not shy away from taking risks where necessary and learn to apply this in their everyday lives.

Ingenuity: IBDP students are creative and imaginative in dealing with everyday challenges and issues.

Understanding: The IBDP develops students’ empathetic skills and encourages them to consider multiple perspectives.

Well-informed: IBDP students explore concepts and issues that have both local and global significance. This helps them to acquire in-depth knowledge and an understanding of various disciplines.

These are only some of the advantages!

HalcyonThe benefits of being an IB Diploma Programme student