Why an IB education is relevant today

The panel discussion held at Halcyon this week was a success and huge thanks go to the Halcyon Parent Community (HPC) representatives, Kerry Morgan and Stacey Ciauri, for their work in organising a thought-provoking and distinguished panel of speakers.

We had an impressive turnout and the real-world experiences of the young IB graduates were so insightful. Halcyon’s own Gareth Jones was a wonderful addition to the panel, discussing his Masters degree dissertation on the benefits of an IB education. He was a great spokesperson for the IB and for Halcyon.

One of the panelists, Peter Fidczuk (IB UK Development and Recognition Manager), made excellent contributions including this presentation. Please note that his statistics are based on approximately six UK IB schools and data for university placements both in the UK and North America are even more impressive than this small, yet notable list.

Here is the summary of recent IB research that was also distributed on the evening.

HalcyonWhy an IB education is relevant today