Ed Tech Summit featuring Google for Education

Halcyon was delighted to host London’s first Ed Tech Summit featuring Google for Education. The day was full of interesting sessions led by industry leaders such as Mark Allen, Carrie Anne Philbin, Kate Cheal and Ken Shelton, not to mention our own Cindy Crannell and student, Rachel.

Sessions included exciting talks about Raspberry Pi, using YouTube to enhance your curriculum, Google behind-the-scenes for school administration, and more.  A special highlight of the day was the student-led presentation by Rachel, called “Google in the Classroom from the Students’ Perspective.” Attendees, largely teachers from the UK with several international visitors, were inspired to see the level of digital integration at Halcyon as well as the students’ command of technology and how it leverages their learning, productivity, creativity and organisation.  Congratulations, Rachel!   

See here for a full list of the presentations.

The day ended with a “demo slam” where participants were invited to share their secret tricks, favourite apps and unique applications of different products – one Religious Studies teacher uses TripBuilder to map out religious journeys including satellite images of routes taken attaching photos, texts, etc.  – everything from the effort involved in a modern day pilgrimage to Mecca to the routes travelled by Jesus.  Another presenter showed us Canned Responses in gmail where you can create your own library of often-used messages for easy access.  At the end there was a draw for a brand new Chrome Book – the winner, our IBMYP Co-Ordinator and Science Teacher, Lori Fritz.

We were delighted to have a number of Halcyon teachers in attendance and a number of Halcyon student ambassadors who helped throughout the day.

HalcyonEd Tech Summit featuring Google for Education