Community Day Activities

Grade 6 students enjoyed a beautiful autumn day in Legoland, Windsor and participated in two modelling workshops. In the first workshop, students used Legos to model fish adaptations and in the second workshop they built and programmed a Lego lion to lunge, roar and then snore when a bone was thrown to him.  It was great to be out in the sunshine in the park at lunchtime and we even found time for one thrilling ride before heading back to London.

Grade 7 set off in the sunshine walking across Hyde Park, past the Serpentine, down Exhibition Road and arrived as the doors opened at the V&A.  Here they explored the Islamic section, spending time taking photographs of the ceramics and relief carvings, depicting patterns based on geometry. We then explored the “Scientific and Technical Innovation” of the artists and their “Personal and Cultural Expressions.” They were then able to upload their photographs on to the Bamboo paper app and indicate the underlying mathematical shapes by tracing over the photographs and annotating these with comments about symmetry and how the designs reflected harmony and unity.  This reinforced their understanding of the concepts we are studying for this unit in Art.

Leaving the Museum, we crossed the road to the Natural History Museum whereupon the students had the opportunity to take photographs of the extraordinary gargoyles outside the building, which will be used as good source materials for their unit later in the year on “fantasy creatures”.  Inside the museum, Mr Jones led the students to the mammals section, where the students were able to demonstrate their drawing skills by recording different species, which will be used in Science whilst exploring the effects of global warming on these different species. This enabled the students to explore “Globalisation and Sustainability” and as Biologists, the students recognised the need to be artists for recording natural life.

After a hard-working day, everyone was able to unwind in the Science Museum at the Launch pad, experimenting and discovering fun with all the equipment.

Finally, we all set off back to Marble Arch walking through Hyde Park, having had a fulfilling, fun and rewarding day.

Please check out the video from our day of exploration and fun:

Grade 8 enjoyed a day participating in a Q&A session with the producer and director from the film Testament of Youth. The students found the film extremely moving and poignant.

Afterwards, they went to the Tower of London. They missed the Queen by one hour but there were many war veterans there and students found the poppies installation powerful.

Grades 9 and 10 set off on thought-provoking trips to the Imperial War Museum (IWM) and Tate Modern. These museum visits were tied into Grade 9’s Unit on Dystopian Fiction in English and their Russian Revolution studies in Individuals and Societies, and Grade 10’s Unit on Genocide and Mass Media and Communication in English and Individuals and Societies.

Grade 10 students explored the Holocaust exhibit at the IWM and Omer Fast’s “The Casting” Video Installation at Tate Modern. The Holocaust exhibit reinforced students learning of Nazi persecution and Genocide of Europe’s Jews and others from 1933 to 1945. Fast’s video powerfully conveyed how stories, and lines of narrative, can be blurred through language and video. The three different narratives in Fast’s video are intertwined all with the underlying message of conflict. Students learnt about how conflict can be represented using literary codes. Overall, both experiences left the class with a larger understanding of both conflict and mass media presented through art and history.

HalcyonCommunity Day Activities