Halcyon students making the world a better place

Halcyon’s IB Middle Years Creativity & Service programme aims to identify and espouses behaviours that help generate internationally-minded citizens who “help to create a better and more peaceful world.” (IB 2009)

Every student has to be involved in a “Helping Others” project, and to make this significant, Halcyon is working closely with one particular international charity: UN TECHO. The charity works to provide sustainable solutions to poverty across the Latin American continent. It works with young people and our students are the first in Europe to work with them.

Every grade is organising a fundraising event this year for them. Here are some examples:

– Grade 8 organised a very successful bake sale and an Egg hunt before the holidays
– Grade 6 is organising the Halcyon International colour day
– Grade 9 is organising a fundraising event for the end of the year that will be a big surprise for the rest of the school.

With the money raised, we are collaborating on the construction of a square in Haiti, where public recreational spaces are practically nonexistent due to limited resources.

Fundraising enables our students to understand what the charity actually does and how and why; giving them a healthy perspective on important issues. And by building a strong relationship with Un Techo, we will be able to work with them on various projects in the coming months and years.

HalcyonHalcyon students making the world a better place