International Mother Tongue Language Day

“Languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our tangible and intangible heritage” – United Nations News Center.


The English classroom was alive with the sound of global languages last week as students celebrated International Mother Tongue Language Day.

Proclaimed in 1999 by the United Nations, this day seeks to promote our linguistic and cultural diversity. As an International School, Halcyon boasts well over 10 different Mother Tongue languages amongst its diverse student body.

During the lesson, each student received a current events article in their Mother Tongue. After reading and annotating the article, students with the same Mother Tongue language grouped together to discuss their viewpoints and write a prompt in that language.

“I thought this was really interesting. It feels strange to be speaking Italian in the English class though,” commented Maria (Grade 7) who joined the Italian Mother Tongue group.

The multi-lingual pieces produced during this session will be published in a special Halcyon Student Publication next week. We hope to continue celebrating our linguistic diversity as the year continues.

HalcyonInternational Mother Tongue Language Day