Halcyon proves that books are very much alive!

Celebrated for the first time in 1995, UNESCO’s World Book Day was introduced to promote reading, publishing and copyright.

This week saw the UK’s celebration of World Book Day, and Halcyon was quick to embrace this event as a community. In the usual Halcyon way, technology was an integral part of the event’s preparations and activities: Google Forms allowed Halcyon students, parents and teachers to collaboratively propose their literary-inspired breakfast foods; Goodreads, RM Books, and the World Book Day apps afforded students an opportunity to browse thousands of digital books prior to the event; and a virtual event with author Robert Muchamore (Cherub Series, Rock War) brought his literary world into our very own Hub.

Halcyon’s community rose to the challenge of creating over 30 different literary-inspired dishes including a deck of chocolate cake playing cards from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice In Wonderland”, Turkish Delight from “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”, Butterbeer from J.K Rowling’s “Harry Potter”, and Plushnuggets from Roald Dahl’s, “The Pelly and Me”.

“I absolutely loved the Read-A-Thon,” commented Rachel Green in Grade 9. “It was so lovely to just have time to read…I believe I read over eight articles from the New York Times.” Sitting together in giant beanbags and chairs, Halcyon’s students, parents and teachers joined together as a reading community for 40-minutes, each lost in their own literary worlds and celebrating the joy that is reading.

To top off the event, Robert Muchamore streamed live to our students, answering questions about his popular series “Cherub”, as well as discussing his new book “Rock War”. All students have been given a £1 book voucher (courtesy of the World Book Day Foundation) which may be exchanged for Muchamore’s new book or used as a £1 discount against a book of their choosing.

As the famous Dr. Seuss stated: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Here at Halcyon, we truly enjoyed bringing the love of reading and literature to life on World Book Day. Sincere thanks to all who contributed food items, helped with the set-up, made goodie bags for our students, and joined us in what is sure to become an annual celebration at Halcyon.

HalcyonHalcyon proves that books are very much alive!