Speech from Grade 8 student, Scott

Here is Scott’s speech from our Opening Event on 30 January 2014:

I will be talking to you about this school, Halcyon London International School.

Education is deeper than just learning maths, or English, or science, or any subject under the high clouds of this green earth. Education is about meeting people, learning how to be with people, learning important skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life. That is the true meaning of education. (Even though lessons are still important.)

When I arrive at school in the mornings, I see only happy faces. I see only smiles and laughter. No sadness. No worry. Except when somebody has forgotten their homework. Which is not often. 

The teachers are happy, (which is more important than you might think!) and it is in general a very happy community. We all know each other by name.  We know all of the teachers. 

There are no issues with bullying, because we would not allow it. And we all know that in such a small school, news would get out pretty quickly!  We also know that we can confide in the teachers to help us. 

Everybody is happy. When everybody is happy, there is patience. There is friendship. There is contentment. Everybody is at ease with everybody else.

We don’t just learn all the usual subjects, maths, English, humanities, science, languages, technology, art and P.E.  We have clubs after school each day, where we learn important things, such as how to debate, GIN, the Global Issues Network, where we try to solve perplexing issues. We also travel to Luxembourg for the GIN conference to meet other students from all over the world to discuss complex issues that our planet faces. 

At the moment we are collecting clothes and school supplies for poor children in Malawi through Mary’s Meals. There is also a strings quintet (did you hear us earlier on?) Plus an art club, book club and Movie club, which, sadly, isn’t just watching movies.  And we produce our own show for  Halcyon TV.  Not to mention football, table tennis and other sports.  All of our clubs are student led.  There is just a teacher in the room to occasionally help us get back on track.

This is a great school. A great school.

HalcyonSpeech from Grade 8 student, Scott